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MLS Solutions for International Markets

A secure, adaptive, and fast Real Estate Multiple Listing Service MLS Solution. Designed for real estate professionals, governments, appraisers, associations, franchise organizations, and enterprises.

In 2010, Propertyshelf launched the Beta version of its real estate MLS designed for the Costa Rica market. Our guiding principle in its development was to incorporate the best features of a U.S. style MLS, while adapting to conditions in place in the markets in which we operate. 

Since 2010, we have entered into partnerships in Nicaragua, Panama, and Ecuador to provide our core MLS and webservices to real estate professionals in the Americas. And while each MLS is customized to the needs of each country, one thing that remains constant is our commitment to provide the customer support and ongoing service directly to our clients.  

Propertyshelf has continuously developed its core MLS and we continue to offer new solutions that will help bring more business to real estate professionals, while offering tremendous time and cost savings. The system’s design is a result of careful collaboration between seasoned real estate professionals and top ranked software engineers. With the end user in mind, we have created the most advanced, user friendly real estate site for developing markets.


Traditional Features

Features specifically designed for Emerging Markets (Developing Countries)

Additional Benefits & Services

  • Automatic Text generation in several languages - this way agents can automatically attract buyers abroad without the need of translators.
  • Inclusion in the homes for global alliance, where partners qualify buyers, and help you close deals with clients in 10 different languages.
  • Workflow Engine - Allows Associations/ MLS Administrators to customize title verification, agent, agencies and listing status.

Do you represent a real estate association or government agency?  Perhaps you are a real estate agent who wants to take your local real estate industry to the next level?  Contact us today, and let us show you why nothing else can compare to the Propertyshelf MLS.

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