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Code of Ethics

The Propertyshelf legal team has created an extensive but fair set of terms & conditions/code of ethics designed to promote professional business practices.  The lack of licensing is one of the major setbacks of real estate in developing and emerging countries in both boom and recession years. Propertyshelf therefore designed rules to secure your listings, protect buyers and make sure the rightful agent receives his/her commission when earned.

We have also designed our penalties accordingly.  Of course Propertyshelf has the ability to suspend an account or specific listings in severe instances, but we can NEVER give your listings to other agents.  We aim to provide structure without disrupting your day to day business for menial infractions.  We feel a grace period to remedy errors is important.  In that period, other agents do not see that you are in to not disrupt your reputation in the industry.  This allows you time to fix honest mistakes and continue working smoothly while quickly punishing violations.

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