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Publishing a Folder

When publishing a folder or any content type, Propertyshelf provides a couple of options. You can publish only the main folder, or all of the contents of the folder as well.

Here we have a media page (Omega Real Estate in this case) inside the Home folder for example.

One can simply click on the state drop down on the far right side of the tool bar.  select what state change you want to initiate and you are down!


Another option is to navigate one level above the content item that you want to publish. In this case it's the home page or the root level of the site.

Usually just click on Contents in the toolbar to see a listing of all of the content items. Note that some titles are colored red, visually illustrating that these itemas are in the private state. (meaning they can not be viewed by the public)In order to publish this media page click on contents under the folder its in, check box select the item you want to publish and click on the change state button on the bottom right.

Omega realty cr

Note: The Media Page "Omega Real Estate" is highlighted because it was selected as the default item for the view for this folder making it the landing page when someone clicks on this folder.

The Following Screen appears. Note the line with a checkbox that says "Include Contained Items" if selected it will change the state (publish) for all items within that folder/content type as well. At the bottom of the page, select Publish and click the Save button.

publishing process