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Publishing Multiple Pages

You are able to publish multiple content types at once, saving you time and allowing you to be sure everything that you want published in a folder, is published. (or changed to the desired state e.g retract or make private, submit for publication)

In the Creating a Web Page section you learned how to publish a single page.  However, it is possible to publish multiple items contained in a directory all at once as well.  This is done via the Contents tab for the folder containg those items.

Navigate to the folder in which there are content types that you would like to publish.  Next click on the Contents tab on the toolbar at the top.  You can view the publishing state which is indicated by color.  Blue is already published and red denotes private content.  Click the checkboxes next to the content that you wish to publish and then go to the Change State button below the folder contents list and click on it.


See below: the Publishing page will come up.  You will see that there are several things that you can do, but for the time being, look at the bottom of the page. Select the Publish option, and click on Save to continue. Also by clicking on include contained items will publish any content that is contained in the items you are publishing/changing the state for. You can even set a time frame for which the item should be published. (i.e temporary specials or events)


To confirm click on Save.