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Using the Editor

Basic options of Editor

When editing the content in your site, you may see fields that have a rich text editor like the one you see below. This editor, called TineMCE, offers many of the features seen in programs like Microsoft Word, giving you many featuers such as the ability to style your text, create tables and lists, and insert images. This tutorial will explain how to use the editor and what all the buttons on the editor's toolbar do.

The default editor will look like this:

body text

On top you can see the toolbar, below the text area and at the bottom a resize bar. If you drag the lower right corner you can make the editor window bigger or smaller.


The following table describes the function and output of each button.

save save Saves changes
Using the Editor 2 text style Normal paragraph text






Pull-quote Pull-quote
Clear floats
(remove style)
Page break (print only)
bold bold Bolds selected text test
italic italic Italicizes selected text text
justifyleft justify left Aligns the selected text to the left text
justifycenter justify center Aligns the selected text to the
center of the screen
justifyright justify right Aligns the selected text to the right text
justifyfull justify full Aligns the selected text to both
left and right
bullist bulleted list Creates a bulleted list
  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3
numlist numbered list Creates a numbered list
  1. item 1
  2. item 2
  3. item 3
outdent oudent Moves an indented section of
text one tab to the left
indent indent Indents the selected text by one tab
insert table insert table Inserts a table
row properties row properties Table row properties
cell properties cell properties Table cell properties
rowbefore insert row before Inserts a row before the current row
rowafter insert row after Inserts a row after the current row
deleterow delete row Deletes the current row
colbefore insert column before Inserts a column before the current column
colafter insert column after Inserts a column after the current column
delcol delete column Deletes the current column
splitcel split cells Splits the current cell
mergecel merge cells Merge the current cell
with other cells
insertlink insert link Inserts or edits a link text
unlink unlink Removes the current link text
anchor insert anchor Inserts or edits an anchor
image insert image Inserts or edits an image
html html Edit the HTML source code
fullscreen fullscreen Toggles fullscreen mode