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Propertyshelf - Your Global Real Estate & MLS Connection

"Effectively promote and manage your properties on a global scale with our 2 distinct services!"

  1. Property Listing Management & Marketing Services (MLS)
    - Real Estate Broker & Agent MLS
    - Real Estate Developer MLS
    - MLS Software Solutions

  2. Real Estate Websites (CMS) search & listing integration

Sales & Marketing Solutions for Builders & Developers

Local and International Marketing, 3D project renderings, real estate inventory management, websites with fulll MLS integration, and export to a premiere network of real estate professionals and portals.
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International MLS Services

Global MLS software designed for real estate associations, professionals, and businesses to improve industry efficiency and gain international exposure.
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Customized Web Solutions

"Our system allows for a high level of customization to our Property, User, and Content Management Systems which we fully cross integrated.  Unique client needs and market trends oftentimes require custom developments"
Customized Solutions

Propertyshelf services real estate professionals in the Americas with property management and marketing solutions.  Propertyshelf's proprietary International MLS applications serves real estate brokers, agents, developers, sellers and buyers as well as the organizations like franchises, or real estate associations that guide them. 


International Referral Network

You are connected to global network of qualified real estate professionals around the world

Your Real Estate Client Referral Network

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Custom MLS Websites

Easy to Use and Customize all website content and enjoy full property listing search integration into your site!
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