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Our web-based marketing, sales and property management system is tailored to the unique needs of developers & builders. Gain maximum global exposure and enjoy automatic listing agreements with a large network of real estate professionals. Utilize tools that truly aid your marketing and sales efforts with tremendous time savings.


"Our Basic Package includes a full listing entry service!"




Get instant exposure in all relevant languages via our worldwide network of professionals and leading real estate websites. 

Gain access to a network of local and global distribution channels ranging from sales and referral agents, syndication sites (i.e., to alliance partners (i.e. Homes4 Global Alliance). Benefit from sales operations in Brazil, USA, China, Russia, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.




You not only sell properties - you sell a lifestyle. Our unique product entry is designed to accentuate the particular features that make your development
one of a kind.


Your customers get a more informed and interactive multi-tiered product view. They always know what properties are available, when and where. Let them get a real sense of what life in your community is like!




  • Advanced Websites that integrate directly with the MLS and Developer Tools, so you can easily manage your listings in a single location and custom import properties directly into your webpage.
  • Interactive Project Maps give your customers an interactive experience and let them gain better insight in your real estate developments.


Developer benefits in more detail:


Save & Make More MoneySave & Make Money

Save & Make More Money

Effective Marketing Budget

Propertyshelf's prices are a small fraction of a developer's marketing budget.  - With access to dozens of sales channels, we ensure you always, receive a great value to generate more agreements, more closings and more profits.

Broker NetworkLimited Broker Network

Broker Network

Broker Network

Propertyshelf's publishers your development listings throughout our agent platform, allowing brokers and their agents to market your properties to their buyers in exchange for the commission which you set. - We keep you in control of your sales network.

Your Global Real Estate ConnectionMultiple Language Sales Capability

Your Global Real Estate Connection

Your Global Real Estate Connection

We take pride in our ability to help our clients bridge cultural and language barriers. Our software generates unique to your property titles and descriptions in all relevant languages. Our language center partners help you communicate with non-English speaking buyers, around the world and in your local market.

Community Focused ListingsComprehensive Listings

Community Focused Listings

Community Focused Property Listings

Propertyshelf's Developer Package make it easy to manage properties by groups and in phases. They feature interactive maps, while focusing on community wide amenities to let people see what makes your neighborhood unique. Promote Neighborhoods. - Sell Lifestyles. - Close Homes.

Time Saving SolutionsSave Time

Time Saving Solutions

Time Saving Solutions

Propertyshelf's Developer Solutions allow you to manage all your listings in one location and with one simple interface, while keeping buyers and sales agents up to date with your latest information.

Complete Listing Entry Service - We enter your listings for You!!!

Superior Listing ExposureMaximum Exposure

Superior Listing Exposure

Superior Listing Exposure

Propertyshelf exports listings to a wide network of leading real estate websites, ranging from online classified sites like OLX, to our alliance partners like HOMES4 network of international sites tailored to multilingual clients. We also work with third party sites like

Real Estate WebsitesReal Estate MLS Websites

Real Estate Websites

Advanced Websites with customizable MLS functionality

Propertyshelf offers websites that integrate directly with the MLS and developer tools, so you can easily manage your listing in a single location and custom import them directly into your own webpage. Our package includes hosting, email, and daily backups for a competitive price, with the very best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) available.

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"I manage my real estate projects in Panama and Nicaragua through the Propertyshelf MLS and the level of service i received for my website development in combination with listing management has been outstanding.  This service has helped my sales efforts tremendously and continuously get compliments about my website. 

• Armel Gonzalez
Isla Saboga  - Panama


"Since joining the Ecuador MLS service in 2013, our company has generated over $ 1,000,000 in gross sales. The dual language feature as well as customizable languages has helped our clients enormously. The service is continually upgrading user-friendly enhancements to make the listing experience easier, faster and better. The Ecuador MLS service has opened up important markets that we would not otherwise have. Thanks to the great team at Propertyshelf, this service is exactly what has been needed in Ecuador for a long time!"

• Todd Hebert
Inti Luz - Olón, Ecuador

"We manage our properties with the Propertyshelf MLS and it makes it so nice that the listings automatically update on our website. Working with the Propertyshelf team was fun and we are really happy with our website.  What i like best is that making changes to the listings and website is fast and easy."

• Joseph Irish
Catalina Cove - Guanacaste Costa Rica