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IT Consulting, MLS, Web Services

MLS - Mutiple Listing Services. Real Estate Web, Property Management, Marketing, and Sales Tools for Organizations with Real Estate at Heart. Ideal for Real Estate related Associations, Franchises and large Organizations

National & Regional Government/Association Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

Propertyshelf works with governmental and regional organizations to develop real estate transaction processing systems, real estate market data tracking and reporting, and property and document management solutions to help build efficiencies and standardizations in the local real estate industry. Our products create natural efficiencies in the market, and help to build transparency necessary to attract international investment. 

Please contact us to begin an assessment of your local market to determine how Propertyshelf can help advance your local industry.

Real Estate Franchise & Enterprise Solutions

Our software tools are an ideal fit to support a large pool of listings and agents.  Whether you are managing a large development or developments, a real estate franchise, a real estate investment trust/fund, property management operations, or a leasing or sales agency, Propertyshelf can optimize its listing management and marketing solutions to fit your needs.

IT Consulting

Since its inception, Propertyshelf has developed cutting edge real estate tools and provided top-tier IT Consultation services for small, medium and large size companies. With clients like Banco Nacional and BAC Credomatic, we have earned a reputation for serving our clients with robust and secure software solutions across multiple industries.

Since all technologies we develop and adapt are as unique as the individuals and businesses we serve, we suggest you contact us for a personal consultation on how we best can serve your technology needs.

Our Frameworks

We focus on the Python software language and specialize in Plone and Zope applications.

We help you to develop your internet business with Python web applications build with Django, Plone and Zope. We also offer Mercurial consulting and hosting of Python web applications.

Python combines four major advantages compared to other software programming languages:

  1. Interpreted Language: You can change code on the fly without having to recompile and redeploy to test or execute scripts.
  2. Speed: Python is a faster development environment; python applications sometimes run even faster than compiled binary files in machine code (Assembler) e.g. C++, Java, C#.
  3. Platform Independence: Python based applications run on every operating system, like Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  4. Security: Python is one of the most secure programing languages in the world.

Contact us for a free personal consultation to find out how we can be of support to you.