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More Developer Information here

Builder and Developer Solutions

Because of the variability in the types of services and amenities unique to each real estate development project, single and multi unit builders and developers have special needs that go beyond those required by sales and leasing agencies. Propertyshelf's Builder and Developer Solutions address those needs with a unique product entry, designed to accentuate the particular features that make your neighborhood one of a kind. By enabling you to promote the features of your area, the services and amenities provided to the development as a whole, as well as the details of each individual unit, potential buyers receive a multi-tiered vision of what life in your community has to offer.


Today´s Homebuyers Travel the World. Shouldn´t your Marketing?

By entering your listings into our database, you receive exposure with thousands of certified agents in your local market, throughout our network of local portals, through our partners, including,,, and more, and most importantly throughout the entire Homes4 Global Community, where partners operating in 10 different languages can qualify your buyers, facilitate translations and help you close sales with clients around the world.

Agent Inventories

When you enter a community on our portal, all Propertyshelf real estate agents can view that property within the system and market it to potential buyers. You set the commission % which you will pay to the realtor able to find a buyer. The higher the commission, the more attention your listing is likely to receive from real estate agents.

The Community Page

Promote Neighborhoods.
Sell Lifestyle.
Close Homes.

The community page is the cornerstone of developer listings.  It allows you to show off the most important features your neighborhood has to offer, organized so that your buyers can quickly find what they are looking for.

Your buyers are not just looking for houses: they are looking to be a part of a community.  The community page allows you to showcase amenities in and around your community, while allowing buyers to navigate directly to the property types that fit their needs, giving them a full picture of what life in your neighborhood has to offer. 

Digital Maps, 2D, and 3D Renders

Customized image maps make your master plans come alive as an Interactive Buying Experience.

Our artists produce world-class 2D and 3D renderings that integrate directly with Propertyshelf's Listing Management System, giving users the ability to move seamlessly throughout your development.

How it works

Click here to register for the Propertyshelf Developer Solution. You will be required to enter a time at which we will contact you by phone to ask you a series of questions related to your development, its timeline until completion, the manner in which you will be transferring title to buyers, and the experience and affiliation of your sales team. These interviews usually take between 10 and 20 minutes, and will help us optimize our tools to you and your needs. You can manage all of your own data or let us serve you by setting you up to guide you through the more technical aspects of the listing entry process. We will begin working on entering your listings based on the information you´ve provided, as well as developing a map of you community which we can then integrate with your community.


Basic Multi Unit Listing Package - annual fee of $1599.

  • Unlimited Listing

Advanced Multi Unit Listing Developer Package  - annual fee of $1999    

  • Unlimited Listing
  • 2D/3D interactive map)

Supreme Multi Unit Listing Package  starting annually at $2200

  • Unlimited Listing
  • 2D/3D interactive map)
  • Website/Combo Packages
  • Additional Customizations and services can be discussed when we speak to set up your account.


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